Digital Marketing – a modern day business necessity

In order to understand the concept of Digital Marketing, one would assume an understanding of Marketing in general would be required and at the very least beneficial, right?

Marketing embraces a wide array of organisational activities and as a result, often comprises an image that differs greatly from person to person and role to role. In short, marketing refers to the satisfaction and achievement of organisational goals across many areas of a business holistically in order to ultimately promote the buying or selling of a product or service that in turn satisfies the true needs and wants of the consumer.

At the root of it, Digital Marketing is essentially the implementation of marketing practices through the utilisation of technology and digital tools. Originally, digital marketing was implemented purely for advertising purposes although alongside the ever-evolving nature of the marketing industry, is these days utilised in order to create a full, engaging customer experience. With the continuous increase and push towards mobile devices and increase in digital marketing efforts by businesses within the modern world, the use of digital marketing allows companies to influence consumers earlier on in the decision making process and along more and more consumer touch-points. (Isidro fierro, 2017)

Works Cited

Isidro fierro, D. a. c. a. J. g., 2017. Digital marketing: a new tool for international education. Scientific Journal Thought and Management, Issue 43, pp. 240-260.



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