Analysing Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetics Using the Social Media Marketing Framework (SMMF)

(image:, 2018)

Social media has taken the world by storm and has completely reshaped the way in which the modern-day business operates and organises their marketing efforts. The capacity to which social media can influence the minds of a company’s consumer base is undeniable and becomes an extremely powerful tool when implemented strategically. In order to analyse the digital marketing efforts of Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetics, a thorough understanding of the SMMF would be highly beneficial.

The framework defines four dimensions that comprise the strategic application of social media marketing and states the consideration of these dimensions when implementing these social media marketing strategies to be essential. These four dimensions include:

  • Scope – one-way communication vs collaborative environment
  • Culture – traditional mass marketing vs flexible style of social media websites
  • Structure – structure of control of the social media, centralized vs decentralized
  • Governance – employee’s level of freewill over social media

Upon applying the SMMF we can analyse Kylie Jenner’s marketing efforts across all of her various channels. The scope of Kylie Jenner’s marketing efforts indicates the creation of a collaborative and interactive environment between herself and her fans with regular calls to action and proactive initiatives such as the hashtag, “#KylieCosmetics” that invites fans to interact with the brand. Simultaneously creating both a traditional mass marketing culture through the Kylie Cosmetics communication avenues whilst a more flexible social media culture through her personal brand. In terms of structure and governance it appears to involve centralised control with Kylie herself having majority of access to the social media accounts. (Dave Chaffey, 2019)

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