Advancing the World through Innovation

Evolution of the Facebook Business Model There is no denying the huge historical impact that social media has made on the way in which the modern world conducts its business and marketing activities, but how have these supposedly “free” services managed to provide such an impactful product and still appear to operate and remain profitable […]

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Use of Social Media Marketing within the Financial Services Industry

Social Media Marketing Framework (SMMF) Analysis Continuation Just a brief continuation from the previous blog post, applying the Social Media Marketing Framework (SMMF) to the financial services industry provides a unique and interesting look into a slightly alternative use of social media marketing. Traditionally businesses that operate within the financial services industry were averse to […]

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Welcome to the perpetual story of your typical university student attempting to balance and maintain enough working hours to both live socially and study full-time whilst preserving some level of physical activity to counteract the effects of Canberra’s nightlife. I am currently undertaking my third and final year of study for a Bachelor’s Degree in […]

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