Effective Social Media Tactics for Online Retail Stores

Just a short continuation from a previous post all about successful tactics that you can implement into your own social media marketing efforts!

Effective social media marketing is essential to the successful operation of any modern-day business and even more so businesses operating within the retail industry! The fostering and cultivation of long-term customer relationships should be at the forefront of all social media marketing activities (alongside brand awareness campaigns) of which can be achieved through effective and strategic utilisation of various social media tactics.

Important tactics include the implementation of user-generated content and the interaction between the business and the community (target consumers). This is an effective tactic that generates rapport and trust amongst a community ultimately leading (hopefully) to an increase in revenue. Implementing this tactic also generates free ‘word of mouth’ advertisement and thus an increase in brand awareness. (Media Planet, 2018)

Implementing effective customer service into your social media marketing efforts is an extremely effective tactic to both increase conversion rates and brand loyalty amongst consumers. This can be achieved through a variety of methods including chatbots, virtual assistants or personally conducting the service.

Social media also offers the ability to implement paid advertising that allow for the business to target extremely refined customer segments based on a number of characteristics such as demographic and psychographic variables. These marketing campaigns are used in order to both generate brand awareness and increase conversions. In doing so, the potential for the business to make a sale is drastically increased. (Selby, n.d.)

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