Evolution of eBay’s Brand Proposition to Achieve Continued Growth

Creating and maintaining a successful online e-business is not an easy task and even more so when your largest threat is continuing to remain relevant and profitable within an ever-evolving industry.

eBay is a consumer to consumer (C2C) online marketplace that launched in 1995 that still to this day remains one of the leading e-commerce giants within an ever-evolving tech and marketing industry. Over the years eBay has been required to implement multiple marketing strategies to reinvent its brand proposition in order to achieve continued growth.

The overall aim of the business is to consistently increase sales volume and net revenues via implementing strategies that look too increase the volume and value of transactions as well as number of registered buyers and sellers. To do this eBay has traditionally looked to implement marketing strategies that involve reinvestment in their customers to ultimately provide consistent positive shopping experiences through areas such as trust & security, personalisation via utilisation of big data and artificial intelligence and implementation of effective pricing retention strategies.

Due to these marketing efforts eBay has successfully been able to reinvent their brand image from that of a “car boot sale marketplace” to the “ultimate shop”. (Dave Chaffey, 2019)

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Dave Chaffey, F. E.-C., 2019. Digital Marketing. s.l.:Pearson UK.


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